Hiring a Wills Lawyer

The importance of having a professionally drawn up Will

A professionally drawn up and well considered Will can avoid confusion, uncertainty, disappointment and possible legal difficulties.
If you die without making a Will, all your assets will be distributed in accordance to the law, which in most cases means your estate is left to your legal next of kin. Therefore the people you most want to benefit from your estate probably won’t get anything. As well as this, it may take longer and cost more to administer your Estate when there is no Will.

More specific reasons for having a Will might be:

  • Marriage – marriage can automatically cancel all previous Wills. In order to continue to provide for beneficiaries or make arrangements to cater for these new circumstances, you will need a new Will.
  • Recent Divorce
  • Being in a De-facto relationship – your de facto partner may not automatically be entitled to your estate.
  • Security for your children’s future – nominate guardians for them in your Will and make arrangements for their care.
  • Prompt distribution of the estate – A Will that is professionally drawn up and executed will greatly assist the administration and early distribution of assets to beneficiaries.
  • To appoint an executor – When making a Will, an executor is chosen to be responsible for looking after the estate and distributing your assets as per the instructions outlined in your Will.

Kavanagh Family Lawyers are highly experienced in drafting Wills. Our Wills lawyer can explain how Wills should be made, address any issues that may arise from your wishes and ensure you have a correctly prepared Will tailored to suit your requirements. We can also aid Executors with certain parts of their role such as obtaining the Grant of Probate.

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