VROs – Violence Restraining Orders for Children

New amendment to Restraining Orders Act 1997 WA clarifies position re Violence Restraining Orders for children (VROs)

Amendments to the Restraining Orders Act 1997 (“the Act”) received Royal Assent on 4 October 2013 have clarified the legal position regarding Violence Restraining orders for children. By amending section 25 of the Act the WA Parliament has made it clear that if a child (or a person seeking to protect a child) wishes to apply for a VRO, the application may be brought in the Childrens Court of Western Australia or the Magistrates Court. The May 2012 amendments to the Act created a situation whereby some adults seeking to protect a child and themselves were obliged to make separate applications in the Childrens court and the Magistrate Court.

The position regarding a child who is the alleged aggressor remain unchanged. If it is sought to take out a Violence Restraining Order against a child – the application can only be made in the Children’s Court of Western Australia.

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