Restraining Orders

restraining ordersThere are 3 types of restraining orders that can be granted in Western Australia. The most well known of these is the Violence Restraining Order or VRO. This is designed to stop any future threats, property damage, violence, intimidation and emotional abuse. Violence retraining orders can be served against people in a family or domestic relationship, and against people not in a family or domestic relationship.

A misconduct restraining order (MRO) is the second type of restraining order. It an order of the court designed to stop someone behaving in a way that can be offensive or intimidating towards another. It can also prevent someone from causing damage to a person’s property or acting in a way that may lead to breeching of the peace.

The third type of restraining order is a Police Order. Police can make an on the spot restraining order in situations of family and domestic violence. A police order may be made for up to 72 hours.

Kavanagh Family Lawyers can help with all types of restraining orders

Whether you need to apply for the restraining order and are seeking to be protected, have orders made against you, or are charged with a breach, Kavanagh Family Lawyers can help.

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