Guardianship and Administration

As we grow older it is important to consider who will make important decisions for us in the event that we become incapable of making them ourselves.

Making an enduring power of attorney (“EPA”) and enduring power of guardianship (“EPG”), you can rest easy in the knowledge that someone you know and trust will have the power to make financial and personal decisions on your behalf.

If your capacity is impaired (for example early dementia) you will not be legally able to execute an EPA or EPG.  Taking pro-active steps to organise an EPA and EPG earlier in life can help avoid family conflict and legal expense later on.

Enduring Power of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney appoints a person to make financial and property decisions on your behalf immediately or in the event that the State Administrative Tribunal declares you are no longer capable of doing so yourself.

For more information on enduring powers of attorney and administration orders, please click here.

Enduring Power of Guardianship

An enduring power of guardianship appoints a person to make personal and lifestyle decisions on your behalf. This person’s power to act on your behalf will only activate if you lose capacity to make these decisions yourself.

For more information on enduring powers of guardianship or guardianship orders, please click here.

Advance Health Directive

An Advance Health Directive allows you to take control of your future medical treatment decisions by communicating your intentions to your medical professionals, family members and guardians. Use of an Advance Health Directive can avoid the lasting conflicts that often arise when family members are faced with difficult treatment decisions.

For more information on advance health directives, please click here.

How Kavanagh Family Lawyers Can Help

Kavanagh Family Lawyers are experienced in the preparation of enduring powers of attorney and guardianship. In addition, we have extensive experience in the litigation of guardianship and administration matters at the State Administrative Tribunal.

Fixed Fees

We offer the following fixed fees for the creation of enduring powers of guardianship/attorney:

  • Individual EPA or EPG – $195 + GST
  • Individual EPA and EPG – $300 + GST
  • Couple EPA or EPG – $350 + GST
  • Couple EPA and EPG – $550 + GST
  • Landgate filing fee (optional) $70 + $174.70 inclusive of GST (per document)

Our fixed fees include personalised advice and the drafting and execution of your enduring power of guardianship and/or attorney. 

Should you wish for us to lodge your enduring power of attorney with Landgate, we charge an optional fee of $70 per document in addition to Landgate’s lodgement fee of $174.50.

Next Steps

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