Radio National Law Report – Wills & Intestacy

Wills & IntestacyThe Law Report program on Radio National broadcast on Tuesday the 3rd of March discusses a dispute involving the estate of a young man who died without a will leading to an unexpected outcome. Under the law of intestacy, his estate of $600,000 goes to his estranged wife, despite the couple already finalising their property settlement.

Wills & Intestacy

The young man died unexpectedly aged 30 and never wrote a will. He neglected to tie up the loose ends of a marriage that had effectively ended about two years before his death so it seems his estate will go to his long estranged wife. Even though they did lodge, by consent, a property settlement with the Family Court – the couple never finalised their divorce.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript here: Radio National Law Report – Wills & Intestacy