Divorce in Western Australia

divorce in western australiaThe Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest data for Separation and Divorce late last year. This data consisted of 2013 figures and show that 5268 applications for divorce in Western Australia were granted. This was an increase on the previous years figure of 5073 and went against every other state and territory in Australia, as they all recorded decreases.

Other divorce statistics highlighted included the average divorce age, which for males was 45.5 years, and for females it was 42.8 years of age.

2473 of these applications were joint, while 1491 were female and the remaining 1304 were male.

The average length of a marriage before Separation and Divorce

In 2013, the average length of a marriage before separation was 8.6 years, and to divorce was 12.4 years.

Divorces involving children

The percentage number of divorces that affected children in Western Australia is 47%.

Australia Wide

Throughout Australia in 2013, the highest proportion of divorces granted was to people 40-44 years of age.

The median age of males at divorce was 44.8 years and 42.2 years for females, whilst the median age at marriage for those divorcing in 2013 was 28.6 years for males and 26.2 years for females. The median age at separation for those granted a divorce was 41.3 years for males and 38.7 years for females.

Applications for Divorce

Over the last 20 years, the proportion of joint applications for divorce has been increasing, while the proportion of applications by one applicant has continued to decrease. The number of joint applications in 2010 outnumbered male applications and female applications for the first time. The proportion of joint applications continued to increase in 2013 and remains the highest applicant type at 41.2% of all applications.

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