Divorce by power of attorney

Divorce by power of attorney - Law ReportABC Radio’s Law Report on Tuesday the 3rd September highlights the unusual process of divorce by power of attorney. In most cases, the law requires one person in a marriage to want it to end in order to obtain a divorce. However a recent case in Queensland saw a divorce granted even though neither the wife nor husband requested it. It’s also not the only decision like this to occur. There have been numerous cases where an adult son or daughter, appointed as their parent’s power of attorney, has taken their parent’s second spouse to court to seek a divorce.

You can hear the audio and read the transcript here.

These scenarios help highlight the fact that, as in all areas of Family Law, each divorce case can be unique and it is never possible to just receive general advice. With this in mind, it is prudent to obtain the advice of a lawyer practising exclusively in the area of Family Law, such as Kavanagh Family Lawyers. Read more about how we can help you with divorce.