Enduring Power of Guardianship

Enduring Power of Guardianship

An enduring power of guardianship is a legal document appointing someone you trust to make personal and lifestyle decisions on your behalf.  An enduring power of guardianship can only be made while you have capacity to make decisions for yourself.

Types of Enduring Guardians

  • A sole guardian is one person appointed as an enduring guardian.
  • Joint guardians are two people appointed as guardians who must act together and agree on the decisions made. If the joint guardians cannot agree the SAT will make the decision.

Types of Decisions

Examples of powers that may be granted to a guardian include the power to decide:

  • What medical treatment you receive;
  • Where you live;
  • With whom you live;
  • With whom you associate;
  • Whether you should work and the nature of that work;
  • Whether you should undertake education and training; and

Why create an Enduring Power of Guardianship?

By creating an enduring power of guardianship you can rest easy in the knowledge that, if at some point in the future you’re capacity to make decisions is impaired, someone you know and trust will have the power to make important personal decisions on your behalf.

Guardianship Orders

A guardianship Order is an Order made by the State Administrative Tribunal appointing either an individual or the Public Advocate as guardian of a person.  A guardianship order may be plenary or limited.  In other words, the Tribunal may grant the guardian all of the abovementioned powers, or a select few.

Kavanagh Family Lawyers Can Help

Who you entrust to make these decisions on your behalf is itself a very important decision. Appointing a suitable person can significantly affect your lifestyle later in life.  Kavanagh Family Lawyers have extensive experience in both the creation of, and litigation in relation to, enduring powers of guardianship.  This experience allows us to advise you so that you may avoid the pitfalls and ensure you put yourself in the best position possible for your later life.

Fixed Fees

We offer the following fixed fees for the creation of enduring powers of guardianship/attorney:

  • Individual EPA or EPG – $195 + GST
  • Individual EPA and EPG – $300 + GST
  • Couple EPA or EPG – $350 + GST
  • Couple EPA and EPG – $550 + GST

Our fixed fees include personalised advice and the drafting and execution of your enduring power of guardianship and/or attorney.

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