Client Testimonial – 10 February 2020

To everyone involved, 

I am beyond grateful for what you blokes/ladies have done for my daughter and my entire family.

I couldn’t have found better people to have by my side during this ordeal and to say I greatly appreciate your efforts is a gross understatement, I personally have been fighting for Christine for three years before we took on these court proceedings, through my own personal issues and then to get back on my feet and to be able to walk her to school and tuck her in at night knowing that she is safe and happy and surrounded by love and support is priceless. 

I can’t thank you all enough.

Josh you said to me that when Christine is older I will be able to feel good that I fought for her and it changed the course of her life, mate I couldn’t have done it without you. 

We changed the course together.

You should definitely take a second to pat yourself on the back mate.

You’re a bloody legend