Client Testimonial – December 2023

Hi Josh
Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and thank you for your hard work and dedication towards this matter.
You gave me peace of mind and helped with my confidence in resulting this matter quickly.
I am grateful that I could have your representation during this difficult process.

Client Testimonial – 27th September 2022

Hi Josh,

I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. My family and I are overjoyed at this outcome and for this horrible ordeal to finally be over.

Thank you to you and the whole team at Kavanagh for all the work that was put into securing this win. I have no doubt that if things had gone to a final hearing that we would have achieved the same outcome but the fact that things have wrapped up well before that point is a bonus I never thought we’d be afforded so thank you.

Thank you again for everything. I am so happy and grateful that I had the team at Kavanagh representing me through this.

Family Court of WA Confirms that Gay Dads are on an Equal Legal Footing re Children if they separate

In a recent decision Gornik and Thorburn [2022] FCWA 77 the Family Court of Western Australia confirmed that after separation, both the biological and non-biological gay dad start on an equal legal footing when it comes to rights re caring for and spending time with the child. Sometimes, non-biological dads mistakenly feel that they have less legal rights. This case confirms once again that both gay dads start on an equal basis. The test is not who is the biological father but rather, whether one or both dads are “concerned with the care, welfare or development” of the child. That is not to say that equal care will be ordered. That’s a matter of determining what is in the best interests of the child- as in all children’s cases.

The push for fertility law overhaul so gay men can become parents

Did you know WA’s in-vitro fertilisation and surrogacy laws are the only ones in Australia that deny access to same-sex male couples? As reported in the West Australian on 19th of December 2021, more than 68 per cent of West Australians think that should change.

The study, based on a survey by Painted Dog Research, was commissioned by Kavanagh Family Lawyers, which assisted advocacy group GayDads WA in its submission to a 2018 review of the laws, leading to a standing committee concluding they were discriminatory.

Read the full story here.

Client Testimonial – 16th September 2021

Hi Anique,

I just wanted to say without the tears, thank you.
You were amazing today. I was most definitely in the best hands today, as was Owen.

Your approach, directness and advice was exactly what I needed today especially considering how many different issues are at play.

Behind two parents in a courtroom is this beautiful little human of mine. You probably don’t get to see this side of it often and think about what today also means to his future and his protection. Just wanted to remind you that in these situations there’s a little person at the centre of it that you also stood up for. I’m glad we had you in our corner today.

Thank you,

Anna and Owen

Client Testimonial – 23rd April 2021

Just want to say Thank you to each and everyone one of you who have been involved assisting me in reaching settlement today.
Marty & Anique you have been more than amazing. I know you can’t do what you do without the team behind you.
So again thank you to you all.
Special mention to Yvonne – today you made me feel so special.
Feeling very grateful today.

Client Testimonial – 9th February 2021

I cannot express my gratitude enough to you Leanne.
I seriously cannot find the words to let you know how grateful I am. I know I would not have my little home if it was not for having you standing tall in front, behind(Pushing me forward) and at my side. You have been a tower of strength to me and my champion. My Wonder Woman! You were definitely Heaven sent. THANK YOU SO MUCH