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Family Law Solicitors PerthKavanagh family lawyers have three highly experienced Family Law Solicitors in Perth. Their focus is on providing meaningful solutions for clients in all aspects of family law.
Our Family Law Solicitors undertake complex and intricate family law litigation in Western Australia, as well as effectively acting for clients whose legal issues are reasonably uncomplicated and who wish to resolve the matters quickly and cost effectively.

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Divorce Lawyers Perth

Divorce: family court procedures

If you want to file for a divorce, you can go to your family court and submit an application. Conversely, you can hire Kavanagh Family Lawyers, divorce lawyers Perth, to handle the family court procedures on your behalf.

As a married couple, you can apply for a divorce if your marriage has broken down. You must be separated for at least twelve months and one of the involved parties must plan on living in Australia, or regard it as their home. Or one party must be an Australian citizen, or have lived in Australian for at least twelve months before filing for divorce.

The first step involved is a separation process.

Once you have separated for the legally required time, you will have a hearing. You must attend the hearing where you submitted your application for divorce originally. If you have children under the age of 18, you can attend the hearing where the children are located.

At the hearing, your matter will be heard by a court of law. These hearings are often brief and during the designated time, the Registrar will ask a few questions about the application. If there are children involved, further questions may be asked regarding the arrangements for the children such as where they will reside, how they will be financially supported, and how much time they will spend with both parents.

After the hearing, the Registrar will grand the divorce if they feel that the grounds have been properly established and that the application was properly served to the other party involved. If approved, the divorce becomes final one month and one day from your hearing date at which point you will be served a Divorce Order.

If the divorce was not approved, you can use Kavanagh Family Lawyers, divorce lawyers Perth, to try and resolve the outstanding issues and seek approval again.

Aspects of a divorce: What’s involved

In a divorce, there are different aspects involved based on your circumstances. Whether or not you have filed amicably or have children can play a large role in the steps involved in the process. With so many variables, it is important to have Kavanagh Family Lawyers, divorce lawyers Perth, to lend a hand.

The importance of using a divorce lawyer

Not everyone has time to devote to the divorce process, which is why hiring Divorce lawyers Perth based can help. If there are time concerns, complicated divorce matters at hand, issues with children, or any other odd circumstances, getting help from a Divorce lawyers Perth based can ensure your process is handled in an experienced and professional way. Lawyers can attend the hearing and submit proper paperwork on your behalf, providing you with advice and assistance throughout any stage of the process.

There are certain extenuating circumstances which require the expertise of Kavanagh Family Lawyers, divorce lawyers Perth. For example: If you have been married for less than two years, or you have been separated for the required 12 months but were still living under the same roof, it is important that you seek out assistance from Kavanagh Family Lawyers, divorce lawyers Perth to submit correct paperwork and discuss your options.

Family Lawyers Perth

What do family lawyers do

Kavanagh Family Lawyers Perth based handle family-related issues as well as domestic relations. Many family law practices focus on representing divorce clients or issues that are related to divorce such as child support and child custody, martial property, and alimony. Family lawyers Perth based can also draft prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and litigate any matters related to the two.

Some Family lawyers based can represent victims of domestic violence or defend clients who are accused of domestic violence. Family lawyers also handle areas such as juvenile delinquency, child abuse, adoptions, guardianship, and child neglect. There are often different courts designated to handle custody, child support, divorce, alimony, etc… all of these issues must be contested before judges.

While some family lawyers specialize in areas such as adoption law, many have expertise throughout a handful of practice areas, with a wide range of skills, including the ability to negotiate and draft contracts, pleadings, legal documents, litigate in court, attempt to dissolve any disputes, and council their clients on available options. Family lawyers must also have interpersonal skills and manage emotionally volatile situations that may arise.

Why use a family lawyer

Kavanagh Family Lawyers Perth should be considered if you are engaged in or nearly to be engaged in any family matters such as a divorce, or fight for child custody, adoption, etc… By working with a professional, you can ensure that all of your legal matters are handled swiftly and correctly. You can learn better what options you have before you based on your current situation, and make informed choices with a legal professional to support you.

The importance of using specialist lawyers

If you dealing with a particular specialty such as domestic violence or adoption, you will want a specialty Family lawyers Perth based to assist. For example: if you need to file a restraining order but are unsure of which order to file or which court to file with, you can hire a specialist lawyer to help you. They can better define for you what options you have and what conditions you can file for. There are different conditions which can be imposed with such a restraining order. The person may be bound from being in or near your home, your place of work, or another specific place. They may be restricted from coming within a particular distance from you, or from trying to contact you in any way. The manner in which they make arrangements with your children may be strictly limited. They may be prohibited from owning guns or ammunition.

If you are interested in adoption, you should also consider hiring Kavanagh Family Lawyers Perth, as adoption is a unique and complicated aspect of family law too. You can work with a lawyer to ensure that the correct paperwork is filed based on where you are adopting. You can expedite the legal process by ensuring all documents are handled correctly the first time.

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