Things to know about Divorce

Jan 22, 2014

Below is some information on some of the many things to know about Divorce. Please bear in mind that you should consult a lawyer for individual advice regarding your own situation. Applying You can apply for a divorce by yourself (known as a sole application) or together with your spouse (known as a joint application).…

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Family Law Solicitors Perth

Jan 14, 2014

Kavanagh family lawyers have three highly experienced Family Law Solicitors in Perth. Their focus is on providing meaningful solutions for clients in all aspects of family law. Our Family Law Solicitors undertake complex and intricate family law litigation in Western Australia, as well as effectively acting for clients whose legal issues are reasonably uncomplicated and…

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Restraining Orders

Jan 9, 2014

There are 3 types of restraining orders that can be granted in Western Australia. The most well known of these is the Violence Restraining Order or VRO. This is designed to stop any future threats, property damage, violence, intimidation and emotional abuse. Violence retraining orders can be served against people in a family or domestic…

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Need a Perth family lawyer?

Jan 6, 2014

Need a Perth family lawyer? – Choose Kavanagh Family Lawyers Perth When requiring a Perth Family Lawyer, Kavanagh Family Lawyers offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of Family Law. From Divorce and De Facto Relationships, including Same Sex Relationships, and the resulting Child Support and Custody, Spousal Maintenance and Property Settlement. Kavanagh Family Lawyers can…

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Making a Will

Dec 10, 2013

Making a Will – the importance of seeking legal advice when drafting important documents When making a Will, Kavanagh Family Lawyers remind clients of the importance of seeking legal advice when drafting important documents such as a Will. There are significant legal requirements that need adhering to in order for the Courts to deem a…

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divorce in western australia

Separation and Divorce

Dec 4, 2013

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest data for Separation and Divorce last week. These 2012 figures show that in Western Australia, 5073 divorces were granted. A slight increase on the previous years figure of 5020. 2218 of these applications were joint, while 1541 were female and the remaining 1314 were male. Other divorce…

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Legal services offered by our Perth Family Lawyers

Nov 27, 2013

Kavanagh Family Lawyers – Legal Services Offering legal services exclusively in the area of Family Law, our Perth Family Lawyers can provide the following specific services: Divorce: Divorce involves the cancelling of legal responsibilities and duties of the marriage as well as dissolving of the ties of matrimony between a married couple. De Facto Relationships:…

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Child Relocation Orders

Nov 25, 2013

The West Australian newspaper has published an article on a Child Relocation Judgement made last week which allowed two WA children to move to Britain with their mother who was homesick. This was against their Perth-based father’s wishes, as Justice John Walters found it was “more likely” to be in the Chidren’s best interests. You…

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Hiring a Wills Lawyer

Nov 15, 2013

The importance of having a professionally drawn up Will A professionally drawn up and well considered Will can avoid confusion, uncertainty, disappointment and possible legal difficulties. If you die without making a Will, all your assets will be distributed in accordance to the law, which in most cases means your estate is left to your…

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Misconduct restraining orders

Nov 13, 2013

What is a misconduct restraining order? A misconduct restraining order (MRO) is an order of the court designed to stop someone behaving in a way that can be offensive or intimidating towards another. It can also prevent someone from causing damage to a person’s property or acting in a way that may lead to breeching…

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