The High Court rules in favour of sperm donor in landmark case

Jun 19, 2019

In a landmark case regarding parenting rights, the judgment in Masson v. Parsons & Ors (S6/2019) was handed down on 19 June 2019 ruling in favour of the biological father who had donated his sperm.

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Contempt of court jailing overturned by Family Court

Feb 21, 2019

A family law case has been sharply criticised by Family Court appeal judges after a Brisbane judge sentenced a father of two to jail for contempt of court.

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High Court to decide whether ‘biological father’ is a “legal parent”.

Feb 6, 2019

The High Court of Australia will hear the matter of Parsons and Anor & Masson mid-2019. Interest in the case has focused on whether a biological father (sometimes referred to as a ‘sperm donor’) is a “legal parent”.

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High Court rules that tax debts may be shifted between spouses

Jan 28, 2019

In the 13 December 2018 decision in Commissioner of Taxation v Tomaras [2018] HCA 62 the High Court of Australia held that the Family Court has the power to order the Commissioner for Taxation to substitute one party to a marriage for the other in relation to a debt owed to Commonwealth for income tax.

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5 Things To Know About Superannuation Splitting For De Facto Couples

Oct 25, 2018

1. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Soon de facto couples, like married couples will be able to split their superannuation after separation. 2. DOES THIS MEAN DE FACTO COUPLES MUST SPLIT THEIR SUPER 50/50? No. it simply means that if one party may use part or all of their super to pay the other party out…

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7 Important Things To Know About The Proposed 2018 Surrogacy Changes In WA

Aug 24, 2018

On 24 August 2018 the Government of Western Australia introduced the Human Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2018.

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2018 review of surrogacy laws – Submission on behalf of Gaydads WA

Aug 15, 2018

Our principal Marty Kavanagh was delighted to work with his colleagues pro bono to assist in a submission on behalf of Gaydads WA to the WA Government’s 2018 review of surrogacy laws.

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Relocation Decisions Made From February 2017 To February 2018

Aug 15, 2018

In the period from February 2017 to February 2018, a total of 28 relocation cases were heard, with 21 cases being determined after final hearings and 7 at interim hearing stage. Of the final hearings, 1 was subject to an appeal, which was ultimately dismissed.

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Binding Financial Agreements and the High Court Decision in Kennedy

Jan 20, 2018

The significance of Thorne v Kennedy Thorne and Kennedy, in our opinion does not mark the end of BFAs as some commentators have argued. Neither does the case introduce a “justice and equity” or fairness test to BFAs. However, the case does: Sound yet another warning there are major risks of a BFA being set…

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Same-sex couples in Western Australia could have children using surrogates

Jan 15, 2018

The West Australian reports some good news for same sex couples. Let’s hope the review also addresses issues around recognition of parenting rights for same sex fathers and mothers.

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