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We’ve separated. Will I ever see my Children again? Of course you will. Only in very rare circumstances will the Court prohibit all contact with a parent. It’s important to realise that the circumstances in which you see your Children after separation are likely to be different than during your relationship. We’ve separated. How do […]

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child relocation orders

Child Relocation

What is a Child Relocation Order? A Relocation Order is an order from the Family Court permitting one parent to change a child’s residence intra or inter state or overseas. Where both parents agree the Relocation Order may be obtained by consent without the need for litigation, which can be costly in emotional and financial […]

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Non-Commercial Surrogacy

The desire to have a child is very powerful. For some couples surrogacy may be a solution. However, surrogacy is a complex area of law and in Western Australia is governed by the Surrogacy Act 2008. The act sets out the legal requirements for non-commercial surrogacy arrangements that can be made between suitable persons. Assessment […]

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What could be more important in life than your child? At Kavanagh lawyers we have been particularly proud to assist our clients in formalising adoption. We know first hand how important it is for parents to have legal certainty for their child and how happy parents are when the legalities are finalised. Adoption can be […]

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Misconduct restraining orders

What is a misconduct restraining order? A misconduct restraining order (MRO) is an order of the court designed to stop someone behaving in a way that can be offensive or intimidating towards another. It can also prevent someone from causing damage to a person’s property or acting in a way that may lead to breeching […]

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Marriage break downs and separation can cause major life decisions in relation to the arrangements for your children, finances and property. At Kavanagh Lawyers we understand that these decisions will be made at highly emotional, confusing and at times vulnerable stages in your life. Our staff aims to provide calm, objective, expert legal advice to resolve your matter calmly, quickly and cost effectively.

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