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Allegations of child abuse

The decision of the Chief Justice Thackray of the Family court of WA in Western Australian Newspapers and Cuzens [2016] FCWA 6 provides a useful and succinct summary of the difficulties faced by parents, counsellors, lawyers and the Court when allegations of child abuse or risk of child abuse are made. View the decision here: […]

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We’ve separated. Will I ever see my Children again? Of course you will. Only in very rare circumstances will the Court prohibit all contact with a parent. It’s important to realise that the circumstances in which you see your Children after separation are likely to be different than during your relationship. We’ve separated. How do […]

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child relocation orders

Child Relocation

What is a Child Relocation Order? A Relocation Order is an order from the Family Court permitting one parent to change a child’s residence intra or inter state or overseas. Where both parents agree the Relocation Order may be obtained by consent without the need for litigation, which can be costly in emotional and financial […]

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Law report

Temporary Migrants and Australian Children

The Law Report on ABC’s Radio National presented a story on their program about foreign parents, Australian children and the path to a permanent visa. It discusses citizenship, rights and the discretion of the Immigration Minister to decide whether or not an Australian child can maintain a close relationship with both parents. When a temporary […]

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Shared Parenting – Overnight Stays For Children Under Four

ABC Radio National’s Law Report discussed an interesting Shared Parenting issue on it’s program last Tuesday 1st July 2014. Children under four spending time away for the primary carer is a strongly debated issue. The program looks at what Australian research actually says and how is it being used in the Family Court. You can […]

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Child Relocation Orders

The West Australian newspaper has published an article on a Child Relocation Judgement made last week which allowed two WA children to move to Britain with their mother who was homesick. This was against their Perth-based father’s wishes, as Justice John Walters found it was “more likely” to be in the Chidren’s best interests. You […]

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